You will be a word-game



Short Words instantly finds the single letters that fit before or after other letters to make valid short words. Knowing these single-letter “hooks” can improve your Scrabble® or Words With Friends® score by as much as 50 points.

Want to get rid of a specific letter or see what you can build from a letter already on the board? No problem: Short Words's “rack mode” has forced-character and wildcard options that let you find exactly what you need.

WARNING: The first time you play a word like “za” or “qi” (both of which appear in all dictionaries) your opponents may be outraged and appalled. Expect this outrage to continue until the first time they have the opportunity to play one of these words, after which you should have no more problems.


  • Instantly find hooks for 1- and 2-letter sequences
  • Finds the top-scoring word for you
  • Find all the short words you can make with your rack
  • Browse and learn all the two- and three-letter words
  • Mix and match dictionaries: WWF, OSPD4, CSW, and TWL
  • Shake for a random word
  • Use a 7- or 8-letter rack
  • Selectable subtle backgrounds
  • Gorgeous intuitive design

A hundred and one two-letter words are acceptable in North American Scrabble® tournament play, 124 worldwide, and more than a thousand three-letter words exist -- learn them with Short Words and turn your good game into a great game. Download your copy from the App Store today!

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