Move to the next generation of BladePro, the plugin filter that combines textures with bevels and mirrorlike reflections.

Quickly create tarnish, iridescence, and glassiness for appealingly 'touchable' 3-D looks.



distressed effects


SuperBladePro's features include waterstains, moss, abrasion, spotlighting, dust, grit, embossing, fractal blotches, and smooth Gaussian bevels.

An Undo button, higher-rez environments, and a hundred presets with graphic previews will have you making eye-catching text, web buttons, and more instantly.


SuperBladePro has custom textures, zoomable previews, light sources, preset galleries, a randomizer, and more.

Yes! You can all use your favorite BladePro presets with SuperBladePro.

SuperBladePro is available for Macintosh and Windows, and it works with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

Download the free demo.



the interface

reflection matching

design example



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SuperBladePro is Universal for Macintosh, 32- and 64-bit for Windows, has dozens of glue modes, makes web pages for organizing your presets, and is recordable in Photoshop.

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